Why We do What we do

Why we are doing what we are doing?

Or simply why our business exist on this planet?

Or why do we make this product that u are holding in your hand?


We are certainly not doing this bcoz we have nothing else to do on this planet.

We are doing our small bit to stop chinese imports in india by manufacturing goods that india imports from china.


The way indian manufacturing is getting hammered by chinese goods, our future looks scary.

In todays world entrepreneurs are the new warrior's for the country.

Modern battle are fought more on economic markets than on battle fields.

And we are not going to go down without a fight

We are standing in that way, unshakable and unstoppable.

for india for indian industry and for empowered indian manufacturing.

We feel this is a goal that is worthy of our efforts and lives.

In future we plan to manufacture more products that india dont make and has to import from china.

We are doing our research . Using latest technology , keeping our cost lower. Making world class products that can take chinese imports head on in real market.

You can support our initiative to support your nation being stronger.

You are there source to decide u want 1 usd to be 100 inr or 1 usd to be 1 inr.

Bcoz when u buy this product you are causing few dollars to stay right here in india and get used up for fellow indians rather than go to chinese.

You are the source of create a environment for a empowered indian industry ready to take on the world with a burgeoning exports.

By buying this made in india product surely goes a long way in restoring confidence among indian manufacturing.

And if you do support our initiative however not satisfied with our quality, service, pricing,or any aspect of our commitment towards making a good product in india.

Tell us , because if you won't tell us who else will?

If u will not support us who else will?

And yes we are totally proud to do what we are doing.

And we will not do anything that hurt the pride of India. That hurts the brand         MADE IN INDIA.